Good manners and the route to success



According to Tatler magazine your manners can be as important as school grades when looking for employment.  Although it may seem as though good manners are often overlooked in day-to-day life – bad manners are always noticed.  However, it is also important to say that although good manners can appear to go unnoticed they are a sure fire way of gaining popularity and respect. There is no good reason for arrogance and no possible excuse for rudeness.

Today it seems that manners are slipping and people are failing to realise the power that comes with good manners.  Applying simple good manners to your everyday life can result in more success climbing the career ladder, networking, or business building.

Manners are an art form at their most basic level and practicing good manners will go a long way towards your success in life.

Simple good manners to be used daily should include always saying “please” and “thank you”,  remembering a person’s name after having been introduced, expressing your views in a thoughtful manner, as well as holding doors open for open and respecting your elders.  All those little things that you should have been repeatedly told by your mother still do hold value in the modern world.

Table manners should also not be forgotten. The correct use of cutlery and knowing how to behave at a table whether it be with the boss, or with potential clients is an ideal time to build confidence with your superiors and peers rather than leaving the impression that despite your brilliant business acumen, you should not be seen eating in public.  Bad habits such as talking with food in your mouth, eating too quickly, and ignorance as to cutlery use should be left behind and replaced with table etiquette to be proud of.

The English School of Manners and Etiquette



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