And me or and I…the simplest explanation

The simple explanation … no mention of subjects, verbs, or subject pronouns!

As a child I remember telling my parents over dinner what I had done that day with my friends.  Such moments were always interspersed with my father or mother correcting me with “and I”…. it would drive me insane!  However, being aware that what I was saying was incorrect, I would dutifully take note and in my next sentence would use “and I” only for my parents to correct me again and say “and me”…. what?? Wait…??  I seemed to be on a merry-go-round and I was convinced they were having the last laugh.

I see it now as I go through my Facebook feed – status updates of “Mike and me went to London” – or even worse, photographs labelled and “my husband and I on the beach”.

So in an attempt to clear things up once and for all – I’ll let you in to the “really everyone should know this” secret of how to get it right.

Remove the other person from the sentence, leaving only you there, and read it again!

Would you really say “me went to London”?  Would you ever label a photograph as “I on the beach”?

No, I didn’t think so – and that’s about as complex as it gets.

As a side note – traditionally it is considered courteous to place reference to yourself last so “he’ll ask you and me later” if far better than “he’ll ask me and you later”

Think before you speak and over time it will become automatic.  So there it is – take everyone else out of the scenario and you will find your answer – it’s a bit like life really…. other people ae there just to confuse you!


The English School of Manners & Etiquette


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