Tea….Earl Grey….. Hot!


(image from juniperspice.com)

Currently I am on my first diet of 2017.  I say first as I am very confident that there will be more this year as historically I am either “on” diet mode or very much “off”.  It’s normally easy to tell which mode I am currently in based on what I am holding in my hand….. cake=off and tea=on.

“Off” diet mode is a glorious time…. cakes, chocolates, half a dozen or so too many treats (daily, not weekly), alcohol, meals out….. it’s like my own ongoing food festival whilst all the time ignoring all the hard work and suffering endured during “on” diet mode and slowly undoing everything (including ultimately my jeans which will no longer zip up!)  The part of “off” diet mode that I have omitted to mention is coffee.   I love coffee.  Strong… milky…. and sweet….. and lots of it.

Halloween and the yearly appearance of the pumpkin spiced latte heralds the end of “on” mode and before the toffee nut latte has even put in an appearance… I’ve gained a stone.   In fact I could happily blame my love of coffee for my yearly 2.5 stone fluctuation in weight.  The moment I am in “off” mode, copious amounts of cups of coffee re-enter my life along with coffee’s evil friends of biscuits and cake.

I digress…. Earl Grey tea.   “On” mode is symbolised by tea.  I can’t drink coffee with sweeteners so I abandon coffee (except for one morning cup) and move on to tea.  Tea, 3 sweeteners and milk.  It has struck me though that I am choosing Earl Grey more and more.  Sometime with milk and sweeteners and sometimes black and on its own (I’m an all or nothing kind of person….. milk and sugar… or nothing!)  Personally, I find Earl Grey glorious both ways (however, I can feel the abhorrence radiating from the tea purists even now!  As a side point, I think I would drink it black more if it did not leave such a scummy mess in the cup – it’s quite off-putting!)

I love the bergamot taste.  Its refreshing.  Thirst quenching. It fills me with memories of summer, sitting in the garden basking in the sunshine – with my parents telling me to drink tea if I was too hot.  Over the past 6 months, teenage daughter has also started to swap teas and Earl Grey appears to be filling her cup quite regularly!

Unfortunately, the one thing my children cannot get to grips with is why every time I am asked if I want tea…. there is a shout from my office and simultaneously from my better half of “Tea… Earl Grey… Hot”, following by adult sniggers.   As far as us adults are concerned, this is pop culture that the children should know (spot the secret Trekkies).   I feel that today is the day I subject the children to an assortment of YouTube videos showing them the lovely Patrick Stewart asking for tea… over and over again.

Any who knew there was a Lady Grey tea……. ah!  My next tea mission awaits!

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